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Productivity Persona

Includes 1 x 120 minute session

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Time is an elusive thing. Hard to wrap your head around and you simply can’t lay your hands on it. It’s intangible. Time management can be a hard puzzle to piece together. Remember when you were a kid and you would be putting together a puzzle and you always ended up with extra pieces that didn’t seem to fit or you couldn’t figure out where they went? That was frustrating, and so is this. I’m going to challenge you to look at things from a totally different perspective; one that some may consider to be odd or even controversial, but that’s okay with me. I am odd and a bit controversial and so is my approach.

I want you to consider is that what people call time management, is personal. When you approach it from my perspective, you aren’t managing time, but wielding time™. There’s a big difference between the two. Given that it’s a personal thing, you have to consider your personality and who you are at your core before you can even think about how to approach it and engage when it comes to getting things done. That is the step that must be taken but that so many don’t give consideration to. For them, and I would guess that for you too, this is a vital missing piece.

This is why I’ve developed a proprietary process for getting to what I call your Productivity Persona™. Believe it or not, you have one. We all do and it’s the foundation that you build upon to enable yourself to wield time™. Let me ask you right now, what do you know about yourself that impacts your approach to getting things done? Do you see the role that your personality plays? Do you have a system in place that was created based upon your personality? Probably not, but that’s okay too, because you’re in the right place to discover all of that and more. This is the place to start to gain your new perspective, learn how your personality plays a role when it comes to time, and the pieces that you need to create your own system so that you can get things done and move forward with what you’re up to in the world.

How exciting would it be to discover exactly how you’re wired and how that directly relates to your productivity? Your Productivity Persona™ is the key to discovering how to make time work for you and your own way of getting things done. If you find that thought exciting and intriguing, you definitely want to book your Productivity Person session right now.

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