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One Month Coaching Package

Includes 4 x 60 minute sessions + 1 x 45 minute session

1 payment of $1200.00

You’re being pulled in 10 different directions, stressed, pressed for time and you don’t have a clue as to where your time is going. You’re busy, but nothing’s getting done. You’re trying to run your business, but your business is running you. How much time do you waste in an hour on unnecessary tasks and procrastination? How many priority tasks do you complete? Does procrastination have you putting off the things that you know are key to your business success?

Did you know that wasting just FIVE minutes less per hour can increase your overall productivity by 8.3%? Furthermore, it’s possible to find 2 hours in your day that you don’t have right now. How would it feel to get through your daily “to-do” list EVERY day? Would you like to be actively moving towards your goals every single day?

One-on-one productivity coaching is the answer. You can have step-by-step, personal guidance and practical, real-life solutions from me, your productivity coach. I’ll show you how to stop wasting time, weed out the unimportant tasks and focus on completing the things that matter. We'll also dig into your challenges (like procrastination) to see what's at their core and create solutions and new habits for you. Your coaching package is personalized to fit your needs. In general we look at your goals, projects, productivity system and others to see where the gaps are and fill them and create supportive habits to help sustain your productivity. We'll talk about what you specifically need before we start your sessions to be sure that your package is personalized.

Once you have your solutions in place, you’ll be ready to implement your personal program and stay on the path to making new, supportive permanent habits. You’ll end up with a system that’s the perfect long-term solution just for you. Your 1 month package includes an initial discovery session and 4 weekly sessions.

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